Engineering Consulting

What is Zamet Engineering?

Zamet Engineering is a brand that provides specialized engineering consulting services. 

We provide consulting, analyzes and optimization of projects at the production level in order to reduce manufacturing costs and equipment exploitation keeping its designed functionality and requirements.

We offer our services in areas:

  • detail engineering that support the execution of structures produced based on customer provided documentation,
  • designing proprietary solutions for mining sector, such as vertical transport equipment and mineral enrichment machines and equipment.

Zamet Engineering team provides also research and development activities.

For whom?

Our offer is dedicated to companies from the Oil&Gas and material handling sectors that need consulting, analysis and designing the most optimal solution for their projects.

We also direct our services to companies from mining sector who do not have their own design office and are looking for unique and customized solutions.

We also provide production of proposed by our engineers and specialists solutions at our plant in Piotrków Trybunalski.

What is detail engineering?

Detail Engineering is a service dedicated to customers from Oil&Gas and material marketing handling sectors. Zamet Industry offers its customers not only the ability to produce specific structures, but also to optimize technical documentation, including design, which reduces the cost of manufacturing or improving the functionality of devices. Thanks to this, ourcustomers gain an added value, which distinguishes Zamet Industry among competing companies that offer only the execution of the structure based on the provided technical documentation.

Detail engineering includes activities:

  • preparation of retail documentation that enables implementation of production processes based on the provided assumptions, 3D solid or assembly drawings,
  • structural analysis in terms of welding processes, adjustment to regulations and standards, proposing technical changes to optimize manufacturing costs,
  • assessment of the functionality of the structure in terms of its subsequent operation,
  • implementation of new manufacturing technologies that affect design of the constructed structure,
  • analysis of material changes that reduce construction costs,
  • analysis of geometrical deviations in accordance with the standard, their applicability, etc.,
  • calculations and strength analyzes for basic construction elements and simple solutions,
  • implementation analysis regarding construction detachment including reduction of material costs related to optimization of distributions for parts to be cut (gas, plasma and water cutting), unification of thickness of materials used, etc.,
  • analyzes concerning corrosion protection, application methods and production technologies,
  • analysis of milling machining processes, optimization of its execution and construction changes to reduce costs, ensuring the feasibility of real implementation of the said process,
  • optimization of the functionality of the structure based on geometry analysis with a focus on 3D measurements,
  • participation in design processes based on customer's guidelines.

What kind of designs do we offer?

Our offer of designing tailored solutions for mining sector include:

  • designing of mine vertical transport devices (skips, cages, rope wheels),
  • designing devices for mechanical processing of minerals (filters, jigs, settlers, enrichments, screens, etc.

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